In 1984, Henry Faarup Sr., President of Grupo Colonias, brought to Panama from the United States a new concept of development for his times, The Gated Community. It was a revolutionary idea in those times. It was widely accepted and replicated amongst other developers. One of those developments is Costa del Este, where he is co-founder and was part of the Board of Directors. Grupo Colonias has developed a huge amount of developments including

  1. Fuente del Fresno
  2. Bosques de La Cibeles
  3. Twin Towers
  4. Excelsior Plaza
  5. P.H. Torre 50
  6. Villa Medici
  7. Tower One

In 2014, Henry Faarup Jr., joins Grupo Colonias as the CEO. Now, Grupo Colonias is again shaking up the industry by doing the biggest New Urbanist project in Panama with Grupo Colonias’ signature project, Porta Norte


Colonize Panama’s real estate industry with the philosophy of creating authentic, walkable communities following the principles of the New Urbanism.


Make human-centered design the new standard of real estate development in Panama.